What exactly is Micro Botox and does it work?

Many of us yearn for a smoother, fresher face, but are worried about ending up with that scary frozen look, often seen on ageless American film stars and the brightly lit judging panel on the X Factor.

If you also fear resembling the face of an expressionless Simon Cowell, I recommend nipping along to the glam Omniya clinic in Knightsbridge to have your mug expertly refreshed by their renowned Medical Director – Dr Jules Nabet.

Dr Jules Nabet

Dr Jules Nabet is beloved by glam celebrities and well-heeled residents from across the globe for his effective, yet natural looking results.

After fervent research on this wonder doctor, I was intrigued, so I swiftly booked myself in for a Micro Botox appointment to find out what all the hoo ha was about.

After a soothing herbal tea and a relaxed chat with the charming skin guru Dr Jules Nabet himself, I discovered that the secret to his pleasing results was mainly due to his state of the art Botox pen. This futuristic looking device injects a specially preselected dose every time, minus the pressure of a needle, so there is virtually no chance of too much product being injected into the face – the cause of that permanently “surprised” look we see so often with freakishly wide eyed Instagram “influencers.”

Being embarrassingly fearful of any kind of pain, I was slightly perplexed about the procedure, but after a few targeted (virtually painless) jabs around my forehead, which lasted less than a minute, I was pleasantly surprised. I also liked the comfortingly ‘techy’ sound of the pen as it did its job. This was some serious high tech botox.

After 5 days, I noticed that my forehead looked smoother, my eyes had opened up slightly and the tiny dehydration line that always bugged me had vanished. My friends kept saying I looked “well rested” but I suspected this was due to my penchant for naughty long lie ins.

Thankfully, I could still move my eyebrows and thoroughly show my appreciation for my other half’s jokes without looking like an emotionless alien.

My results lasted approximately 3 months but others have claimed it can last for up to 6.

All hail Micro Botox. Standard botox is so last season darling…..

Dr Jules Nabet Botox Pen, £280, www.omniya.co.uk 


Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief