Where to find a slice of the countryside in South West London

The Sands End is a classy Anglo-Irish gastropub in Fulham with a mouthwatering seasonal menu, a penchant for our canine friends and a very impressive drinks menu. With a promise to bring a slice of the English countryside into London, it certainly has that look about it: stripped oak flooring, vintage furnishings and soft cream walls give a relaxed tone (albeit with the addition of after-work London drinkers).

The pub’s famous for its homemade sausage rolls and scotch eggs (so I’m told), but I was here to sample the dishes on the menu created by a Michelin-trained chef. There’s a very keen eye for not just detail but seasonality, with a huge focus on freshness and quality. In fact the menu changes twice daily! That’s how passionate the kitchen is here.

To start, my companion had the seared scallops which were beautifully tender and wonderfully flavoured. The knife cut through them like butter, such was their softness. I chose the lamb kofta, which were mini in size but really big in flavour. The portions of each starter was an ideal size given how some places can really over compensate their starter sizes, leaving you feeling full before your main’s even arrived.

I went for the grilled poussin for my main, with it getting the last minute nod ahead of the venison. Served with sauteed potatoes and chorizo, and coming with an exquisite jus, this was a beaut of a meal that had balance, texture and most of all, flavour!

My partner chose the exquisite-looking sea bass (presentation was highly applaudable), which came with shavings of courgette and an orange vinaigrette. Again this got the nod ahead of the swordfish (only because they’d run out of the swordfish), which goes to show how spoilt you are for choice. Praises were lavished on sea bass though from the other side of the table, so taste definitely matched the skill of the appearance.

There are some devilishly tempting desserts, but simply for the reason being we were a) full and b) in need of a little sugar, we chose dark chocolate and salted caramel ice cream (the latter being the winner of the two).

The staff here are super friendly and on-hand to recommend drink pairings. Whether that’s a glass of wine or a cheeky cocktail. Try an Elephant gin and Double Dutch tonic, garnished with dehydrated green apple.

Sophisticated yet unpretentious, The Sands End is well worth a visit for foodies and pub lovers alike.

For more information visit www.thesandsend.co.uk