Why is everybody going bananas over MNKY HSE?

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Why is everybody going bananas over MNKY HSE?

Why is everybody going bananas over MNKY HSE?

Why is everybody going bananas over MNKY HSE?
Upstairs lounge bar

Why is everybody going bananas over MNKY HSE?
Cochinita Pibil

The definition of ‘indulge’ is “to yield to, satisfy or gratify.” Us 7 Star Lifers embody all of the above, hence our latest obsession with one of London’s latest party palaces – MNKY. HSE.

Pronounced ‘Monkey House’ (and no we don’t understand the reasoning behind the capital letters and random lack of vowels either), this seductive bar, restaurant and club is luring the Capital’s most beautiful, fun-loving frolickers through its sultry doors, night after night.

Gone are the days of trekking from restaurant to bar, to club in the rain whilst slightly sloshed and donning sky high heels. Londoners are now embracing a brand spanking new kind of nightlife where they eat, people watch and party all in one fabulous, boldly bedazzled venue. And MNKY HSE is one of them.

Embracing the revered Latin American-tinted dining and dancing concept, this urban social haven is spread between two decadent floors and features a lavish lounge bar area  laced in electric tones and iridescent decorations. The next sub-layer of lush is the basement main bar and restaurant.  MKNY HSE’s sexy deep house music and enigmatic cuisine would make even the hardest to please Latin Americans beam with pride.

The restaurant’s renowned Chef, Pablo Peñalosa Nájera, has done us all a favour by delivering an enticing menu that caters to all palettes – from experienced comida lovers to complete foodie newbies. And if you’re unfamiliar the amour-inducing edible staples of Latin America, do yourself a favour and consult Google ASAP. Your taste buds (and libido) will thank us later.

Opulent options available vary from several sautéed and stuffed Verduras (Veggies), braised, glazed and grilled Carnes (Meat), tropical Aguachiles and Tartes (Ceviche), Pescados y Mariscos (Seafood) and the most celebration-worthy puddings your tastebuds will ever have the pleasure of sampling – ay caramba!

In our humble gastronomy-adoring opinion, the most exciting menu option at first glance is  the Trio of Guacamole with Smoked Wasabi and Chili – a most heavenly concoction considering one of the main purposes of life is to simply exist for extravagantly decorated avocados. This delightful snack can be ordered at the sexy bar area along with other tempting dishes such as sticky chicken wings, Wagau beef tostatas and delicate edible flowers filled with creamy goats cheese.

The Passion Fruit Coupe cocktail is a must have (think porn star Martini with more pazazz) and the Candy Clover Club is an essential tipple, consisting of Tanqueray Ten Gin, fresh raspberries, lemon juice, egg white and a decadent dusting of rose dust.

If you’re seeking a colourful, captivating experience with culinary excellence and a chance to let your hair, tensed shoulders and stress levels down, MNKY HSE is without a doubt, the place to mince about. Well heeled gentlemen and lavishly dressed ladies with a taste for the finer things in life will appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, the sensually overt rhythm of Latin America and the luxurious décor.

So, next time you are drowning in humdrum and fancy a spot of passionate Latin pizzazz, take a step outside of London and enter a bevy of beautiful, bold influences that will invigorate all your senses, and slightly drain your bank balance. But trust us, it’ll be worth it…

MNKY HSE has also recently launched an exciting Business Lunch Menu including classic dishes from the main menu as well as unique ones such as tangy Tomato Salad, Fish Tacos and Sea Bass lovingly drenched in a hazelnut infused spicy sauce. Prices start from £24.50 for 3 dishes, £32.50 for four and £39.50 for five sumptuous plates.

MNKY HSE, 10 Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LD