Windsor’s new Thai flavour

The new Giggling Squid restaurant in Windsor made headlines in May before it even opened thanks to a trap door found during renovation work led to the discovery of a secret cellar with a stash of vintage wines worth £20,000! Among the bottles found was a 1970 Chateau Rebouquet la Roquette and a 1976 Chateau de Montrabech. There were several bottles of Château Latour claret discovered as well, each worth hundreds of pounds. Andy Laurillard and his wife Pranee (founders of Giggling Squid), chose not to put any of the bottles of vintage wine on their menu. What they have got on their menu, however, is some authentic, bold Thai dishes, which has helped this chain expand to an empire.

Located at the foot of Windsor Castle (try to get a window seat for views of the landmark building and for a spot of people watching), right next door to the theatre, means Andy and Pranee could not have found a more prime location in Windsor.

Sanded wood furnishings are complimented with light green shades of decor, while purple touches in napkins on the tables bring the place to life. The artwork on the walls and the pink blossoms add further light touches, all of which aesthetically pleases the eye.

The starters include unconventional delights such as Watermelon Salad with Pork Floss, which outlines how experimental the Giggling Squid chefs like to get. I’d highly recommend the Salt and Pepper Squid. Excellent texture with a wonderful flavour. The Tamarind Prawns are also nicely cooked. Unless you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth though, I’d suggest sharing them.

Speaking of texture, the Lamb Shank Massaman is to die for. Lift the bone and watch the soft meat fall off. Beautiful stuff. It’s a tender, melt-in-your-mouth sensation. And yet, all at once, nothing like I’ve had before since it’s served in a Massaman curry, which is such a wonderful dish. The coconut milk, sweet spices, nutmeg, cinnamon and star anise work so well for the red meat.

The desserts are also unique here. The Caramelised Mango Cake is spongy and sweet, and yet not overbearing, while the Prosecco and Muddled Berry Cheesecake is just amazing – in a word. It’s light and tasty and very, very moreish.

Whether you’re sightseeing or simply looking for an easy London escape, the Giggling Squid in Windsor is a fantastic option that’s definitely worth a visit.

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