Zuma, London

British history is entwined with cultures across the world. Its own rich heritage, combined with the foreign fineries and traditions it has embraced over the centuries make London a great place to celebrate the proudest aspects of all world culture.

Japanese themed bar and restaurant Zuma brings exactly that touch of the exotic to Knightsbridge in central London. It embraces the informal izakaya style of Oriental dining.

The open plan kitchen is situated in the heart of the main dining area, with seating running right along the food preparation bars. This brings to you to the absolute centre of the experience, no matter where you choose to sit. It gives the whole room a sense of inclusion in the process, a sense of community within the restaurant.

If you’re looking for a more private gathering, though, you won’t be left out. The 10-seater tosho table and the 12- and 14-seater kotatsu rooms offer more secluded areas to dine, tucked away from the rest of the room without losing that great, vibrant atmosphere.

The menu on offer matches the overall feel of the place by blending the new with the old. Food is available as individual meals or to share. The dishes are designed to be authentic without letting tradition impose on contemporary tastes. They provide a great variety, including salads, sushi and sashimi, robata and even a small range exclusive to Zuma.

Their alcoholic selection is just as comprehensive, with its bar offering forty different kinds of sake and even an exclusive range of cocktails made with real fruit juice and authentic Japanese spirits.

The whole establishment is designed to offer an authentic Japanese experience without excluding the contemporary customs that today’s diners are most comfortable with. A lot of effort has gone into effectively combining both the traditional and the modern to make a unique and enjoyable experience.