Review: Japanese brunch at The Aubrey, Mandarin Oriental, Knightsbridge

Tired of the same old weekend plans? Embark on a culinary journey by visiting  The Aubrey at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London, which offers a unique Japanese brunch experience that perfectly balances savoury and sweet flavours. Walking into The Aubrey feels like stepping into an opulent, dimly lit hideaway. A dusky red glow blankets nearly every surface, from the plush velvet seating to the tasseled trim on each lampshade, setting an undeniably lavish and indulgent mood befitting of the Mandarin Oriental.

The signature a la carte menu showcases an array of sushi, sashimi in both new style and classic preparations, robata grilled favorites, and much more. For those seeking an indulgent experience, bottomless free-flow options are available for champagne, sake, and cocktails. Although the restaurant is renowned for its elegant ambience and a la carte menu, the brunch is a must-try, especially as  the menu features a fusion of Japanese dishes alongside beloved British brunch classics, all set to a chic, social soundtrack.

The menu lists the following brunch signatures that allow guests to experience a range of  flavours and combinations. For vegetarians, The Aubrey offers a selection of plant-based options, ensuring that all guests can enjoy the Japanese brunch experience.



Shredded BBQ Beef & Kimchi Fried Rice

A harmonious marriage of bold Korean and Japanese flavors. Tender shredded beef sings with a sweet, smoky BBQ sauce, invigorated by the pungent fermented kick of fiery kimchi. The duo mingles with fluffy grains of perfectly cooked fried rice, each bite an umami explosion.

Tokyo Eggs Royale

A refined Japanese riff on a classic. Velvety yuzu hollandaise drapes over pillows of brioche, blanketing luscious tea-smoked salmon that flakes into delicate rosy curls. A bright burst of citrus cuts through the richness for an elegant finish.

Lobster Tamogoyaki

Indulgence levels soar with this decadent scrambled egg creation. Sweet lobster meat nestles amid soft, delicate ribbons of egg, gently flavored with dashi. A mound of Hokkaido fried rice provides the ideal savory counterpoint.

Avocado Toast

A millennial staple elevated. Crusty grilled shokupan bread embraces a verdant layer of buttery avocado, punctuated by pretty ribbons of salmon sashimi. Crowning the stack, a perfectly poached egg awaits its luscious yolk to be unleashed.

Okonomiyaki Savory Japanese pancake

The crisp exterior gives way to layers of chewy battered shredded cabbage studded with smoky tea-smoked salmon, umami-rich shimeji mushrooms and slivers of pork tonkatsu. Drizzles of Kewpie mayo and vibrant ikura complete the experience.


Warm Mochi Pillowy

Three chewy spheres of steamed sweet rice dumplings get a craveable upgrade. A dusting of toasted sesame seeds lends an aromatic nuttiness, while a tangy yuzu curd provides bright contrast for dipping bliss.

Classic Japanese Fluffy Pancakes

Cloudlike and featherlight, these souffle-inspired pancakes achieve sky-high fluffiness. Adorned with maple syrup, seasonally rotating fresh fruit and lightly sweetened whipped cream, it’s a simply elegant way to start the day.

Matcha French Toast

Day-old shokupan bread is reborn in this gorgeous green-tea touched French toast creation. A crisp brulee’d exterior yields to a creamy custard center, accented by honey, strawberries, yuzu creme anglaise and lush whipped cream.

The seasonal cocktail menu is a highlight, with drinks inspired by Japanese flavors and ingredients. One standout is a Japanese Bloody Mary meticulously made with sweet potato shochu, tomato juice, and Japanese spices. Guests should note that while the cocktails are finely balanced and fantastic, they come with a hefty price tag around £15 for a modest-sized glass, and there is an option for bottomless cocktails for £50, cocktails and sake for £70 or cocktails, sake and champagne for £95.

Brunch is served from midday until 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays, after which The Aubrey transitions into a vibrant dinner and drinks destination. Japanese izakaya imitations have been popping up all over London, but none quite capture the essence like The Aubrey – a self-titled “eccentric” adaptation of the traditional Japanese drinking den. Whether you crave savory or sweet, The Aubrey’s Japanese brunch is a luxurious and flavor-packed affair that should not be missed.

Pooja Shah

Pooja Shah is a freelance writer and lawyer from NYC now based in London.