Best aesthetics clinics for summer beauty tweakments

At 7*Life we love a good tweakment. Whilst going fully under the knife can be daunting for many, a little beauty boost via a carefully chosen filler or botox treatment can work wonders when you’re looking for that summer glow up.

Where you go to get such a beauty boost is of course very important. With so many aesthetic clinics offering such treatments all across the land, its often hard to know which to choose. Luckily the 7*Life team have tried and tested many a beauty clinic and these are the ones that have made to cut to our best aesthetics clinic list.

Ciao Bella Aesthetics 

Founded in 2010 by Harley Street cosmetic injectable trainer and award-winning nurse, Alexandria Henderson,  Ciao Bella Aesthetics has grown into a Training Academy working with the most renowned companies such as 4T Medical, WOW Fusion and MATA. They operate two glamorous clinics in Bristol and are the only nurse lead clinic in the Southwest to hold Care Quality Commission Registration.

As a qualified nurse and independent prescriber, Alexandria started her career with emergency nursing and later worked as an advanced nurse practitioner in primary care. I had the pleasure of being treated by Alexandria who told me that she aims for a subtle yet effective facial rejuvenation. this glow producing beauty guru is all about the “natural yet noticeably improved” look.

I decided to go for 1ml of filler in my jawline and was impressed with the naturally more defined look. My side profile has never been happier.

Regents Park Aesthetics 

This popular medical aesthetic clinic based in Marylebone is a favourite of celebrities and influencers seeking noticeable yet professionally administered aesthetic treatments.Their excellent customer service is demonstrated by their high percentage of repeat customers and Save Face excellence accreditation, based on over 250 independent 5 star patient reviews.

I decided to get three areas of cheeky botox after a long botox hiatus and was treated by the lovely Kay –  the owner of the clinic and an award winning nurse with over 16 years experience working in the NHS. After a few days waiting for the wrinkle-smoothing injectable to kick in I was extremely happy with the results and basked in an array of complements about my newly smoothed forehead.

Kay is also a qualified independent prescriber, and is skilled in advanced aesthetic techniques, administering a range of injectable aesthetic and laser treatments for over 7 years. Also a member of the British association of cosmetic nurses and Royal College of Nursing, Kay has a regular well heeled clientele that continue to flock to her clinic for beauty glow ups – especially before glamorous events.

Doctor Nyla – Medispa 

Dubbed Cheshire’s Queen of Botox and famous for keeping the glamorous footballer’s wives of Cheshire and Liverpool in tip top glamorous shape, Doctor Nyla recently made many Londoners happy by opening a third clinic in Mayfair.

From this ultra chic London base, ultra smooth-skinned Doctor Nyla treats A list clients from all over the world and is renowned for her immense range of non surgical anti ageing treatments. As well as providing exceptional botox and filler treatments, Doctor Nyla’s clinics also boast the groundbreaking Ultracel treatment.

Beloved by celebrities in search of eternal youth, this innovative, non surgical treatment uses radiofrequency and HIFU technologies to provide heat energy to help lift, tone and smooth the skin.

The new Collagen Banking facial which the clinics offer is also a popular choice. The treatment prompts the body into producing 50% more collagen that can be stored for later. The theory is to boost your collagen production as early as possible (during the 30’s and 40’s ideally) so that the body has more in reserve when needed.

Dr Nyla is excited about these clever ways to rejuvenate the skin and slow down the aging naturally, through the body using its own healing mechanisms by creating micro trauma to the skin.

“It’s all about skin longevity and by combining the best technologies you can achieve so much and really boost how the skin can work efficiently until later life. There are incredible methods that achieve gorgeous skin today and really slow down how our skin ages giving you your best skin simply by kickstarting self-healing”

With such effective aesthetic procedures on offer with such esteemed practitioners, long gone are the days of going under the knife to turn back the time.

House of Beauty 

This one stop beauty clinic is run by the gorgeous and golden hearted Sade who is adored by models, celebs and more for her impeccable attention to detail and love of enhancing her client’s natural beauty.

Sade’s fluffy lash extensions are the talk of the glamorous Chelsea and Fulham set and her incredible skills with the botox and filler needle leave her clients coming back for more, again and again.

Lips are Sade’s forte, having mastered the luscious Russian doll technique, and are a popular choice of aesthetics treatment among many who swan though the clinic’s doors.

I am particularly fond of Sade’s brow lamination treatment which involves shaping the brows with wax before a “perming” chemical is applied to the brows. They are then brushed upwards with a special brow groomer and set into place with a serious type of clinic-grade clingfilm.

After 30 minutes, the brow solution is washed off before a dye is applied for a subtle tinted look.

The result is a perfectly defined, tinted and fluffy brow look which is massively on trend right now – according to Instagram and fashion magazines which of course are the ultimate beauty bibles of modern times.

My smug face after brow lamination by Sade

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief