Feel on top of the world at Hotel Villa Honneg

There are certain places in this world which leave you breathless with their unashamed magnificence. Hotel Villa Honegg, nestled high above Switzerland’s shimmering Lake Lucerne, is one of these places. I visited recently with a luxury hotel-loving chum and we were completely awestruck at everything we experienced during our stay.

The hotel is famous for its picture perfect heated infinity pool overlooking the mountain-surrounded lake. I had been tempted by such an inviting scene via all the Instagram and Facebook posts I had seen of this fairytale-esque place, so when I was invited to visit, I readily accepted.

Image credit: Villa Honegg

When I arrived at lunchtime I was shown to my suite – a sophisticated haven styled in classic decor, boasting otherworldly views of the lake and mountains. A welcome note and bowl of seasonal fruit greeted me on an elegant mahogany table.

Image credit: Samira Msaad

I made my way for lunch in the hotel’s chic dining space, which again featured epic views and plush yet understated furnishings. I gorged on freshly made bread smothered in homemade mountain butter before devouring beetroot cured smoked salmon to start and a hearty slab of filet steak surrounded by roasted vegetables.

The chocolate mouse topped with a cloud of whipped cream was a pleasing finale to this merry foodfest. I learnt that the Hotel Villa Honegg grew most of their vegetables and fruit in the surrounding grounds. The fragrant honey served at breakfast time is also produced by the hotel itself.

I spent the rest of my day relaxing in Villa Honegg’s visually striking infinity pool. Due to an unfortunate bout of food poisoning my friend Hannah was joining me the following afternoon, so I was left alone with my thoughts in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Hey, there could be worse places to be lonesome. The water was muscle-soothingly warm and the views were mesmerising. I had waited until the Japanease honeymooners had finished their 2 hour photo shoot complete with selfie sticks and waterproof cameras, before I went for a blissful solitary swim.

Image credit: Samira Msaad

Although it was a crisp winter’s day, I still managed to soak up some warming rays on an elegant sun lounger whilst comfortably swathed in thick blankets. I cursed myself for as usual forgetting to bring a book, yet I soon found solace in the serenity of a still mind surrounded by such breathtaking natural beauty.

I was particularly fond of the indoor spa’s healthy snack station – complete with an inviting selection of detoxifying herbal teas, dried and fresh fruits, wholesome biscuits and ice cold water. Perfect for tiding you over until your next meal.

Image credit: Samira Msaad

After a lavish, yet healthy dinner of grilled salmon with spiced cauliflower steak and a selection of locally-made Swiss cheeses, I was ready to sink into my plush king sized bed and fall into a joyous slumber.

The following day I was joined by Hannah, who marvelled at the pure fabulousness of this one of a kind hotel. Breakfast on the sun-strewn terrace was an opulent affair. We grazed on chocolate crepes, fine cheeses (my Swiss cheese addiction had now developed), fresh fruits and emerald green smoothies as we admired the snow covered mountains above the calm, blue lake.

After a mandatory photo shoot involving enough shots to pimp out our Instagrams for life, we minced down to the spa for a lazy afternoon of of swimming, blanket-assisted sun worshiping and general chit chat.

Prying ourselves away from this idyllic home away from home was a somewhat arduous affair. I had grown accustomed to feasting on assorted cheeses, swimming in the world’s most scenic infinity pool and waking up to one of the most incredible views I had ever witnessed.

I made a mental note to return as soon as the plane touched down on the drizzly UK runway, and promptly made plans to visit my nearest Swiss cheese retailer in the meantime.


Cover image: Samira Msaad

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief