Review: Mamalu, Earls Court

Nestled in the heart of Earls Court, Mamalu restaurant is renowned for its exceptional Italian cuisine. My wife and I recently embarked on a culinary journey at this enchanting restaurant, and what unfolded was a symphony of flavours that left an indelible mark on our palates. From the exquisite starters to the heavenly desserts, Mamalu’s commitment to authenticity and innovation shone through, making it an experience worth savouring.

Our culinary odyssey commenced with a duo of starters that showcased Mamalu’s prowess in crafting traditional Italian dishes with a contemporary twist. The sautéed British mussels with garlic, white wine, and parsley were a vibrant explosion of sea-kissed flavours. The freshness of the mussels, perfectly complemented by the aromatic garlic and the hint of white wine, set the tone for the gastronomic journey that lay ahead.

Next on the starters’ stage was the beef carpaccio with rocket salad and Vacche Rosse Parmesan cheese. The delicate slices of beef, adorned with peppery rocket and the rich, nutty notes of Vacche Rosse Parmesan, created a harmonious dance of textures and tastes. It was a testament to Mamalu’s dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and allowing them to shine on the plate.

As we ventured into the mains, Mamalu continued to captivate our senses with their masterful pasta creations. The Tagliolino Pistachio e Gamberi, featuring homemade tagliolino pasta with pistachio pesto and Mazara red prawns, was a true revelation. The pasta, expertly crafted and cooked to perfection, served as the ideal canvas for the velvety pistachio pesto and the succulent Mazara red prawns. Each bite was a celebration of Italy’s culinary heritage.

Equally impressive was the Tagliolino Astice, boasting homemade pasta with freshly caught Breton Lobster. The pasta, delicately infused with a light tomato sauce, embraced the sweet, tender lobster without overpowering its buttery flavour. The dish was a manifestation of Mamalu’s commitment to offering a genuine taste of Italy, executed with finesse and flair.

Our culinary expedition reached its zenith with the desserts, a showcase of Mamalu’s commitment to ending the meal on a sweet note. The silky smooth vanilla ice cream was a delightful palate cleanser, but the true star of the finale was the Tiramisu, a masterpiece that redefined our expectations. Creamy, luscious, light and perfectly balanced, it was undeniably the best Tiramisu we had ever tasted—a fitting conclusion to an exceptional meal

Mamalu exceeded our expectations, delivering a dining experience that blended tradition with innovation as well as attentive and friendly staff, which makes a massive difference to the enjoyment of an evening. From the first bite to the last, Mamalu’s commitment to authenticity and quality shone through, making it a destination worthy of any discerning food enthusiast’s attention.


Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief