Two restaurants you need to visit pre and post closing parties in Ibiza

The closing parties are soon approaching in the sultry isle of Ibiza. You’ve got tickets to the best parties, your outfits have been chosen well in advance and you’ve even gone as far as to pack a couple of hangover kits for headache free mornings after.

But what about food? As a self-confessed foodie, it is always imperative to hunt down the most exciting culinary hotspots before I plan a trip, and Ibiza boasts some of the best restaurants in the world.


For light bites and cocktails before a night out 

I heard many good things about IZAKAYA KITCHEN & BAR – nestled smugly in the centre of Ibiza in the 5 star Sir Joan Hotel, overlooking the Old Town and marina. This etherial eatery serves modern Japanese dishes inspired by South American flavours in a pleasing-to-the-eye setting.

IZAKAYA KITCHEN & BAR’s scenic outdoor seating area

Upon visiting one sunny day earlier this summer, we were shown to a an ultra chic, minimalist bar area where we devoured ice cold cocktails. My Russian Spring Punch was a summery concoction of Grey Goose Vodka with cassis, lemon, raspberry and champagne. Always one to push the boundaries, my other half chose the experimental Amaterasu – a zesty mergence of Bombary Sapphire, grapefruit, lemon and basil.

Pre closing party cocktails

Like most evenings in Ibiza, we had planned to go out out later that night, so didn’t want to get too stuffed and have to waddle out on the town. The selection of small tasting plates brought to us were perfect for satisfying our taste buds (and hunger pangs), without leaving us uncomfortably full in our party attire.

The sea bream and grapefruit ceviche was a flavour powerhouse in our mouths, whilst the king crab cake with rocotto was a joyous celebration of far eastern flavours. As we sipped our ice cold cocktails and looked out at the turquoise blue pool, we continued to devour pretty little plates of culinary gems, prepared for us with meticulous attention to detail.

Spicy Peruvian tuna on chips anyone?

A baby spinach salad with grilled prawns arrived at the table, followed by sizzling chimichurri beef skewers, crispy rice with spicy tuna tartare, and a divine oyster filo lavishly adorned with creamy wasabi and beluga caviar – perfect for the extravagant tastes of the Ibizan jetset crowd.

IZAKAYA KITCHEN & BAR is said to be one of Ibiza’s newest gastronomic hot spots, and after a long lazy afternoon of exquisite tasting dishes and shamelessly Instagramable cocktails in such a glamorous space, I can see why.


For seriously satisfying stodge to help nurse a hangover 

Situated just behind IZAKAYA KITCHEN & BAR resides the super slick burger joint, aptly named The Butcher.  Ideal for those painful Ibizan morning-afters (or afternoon-afters) when hair of the dog just won’t kick it, this small but sexy, high end fast food eatery serves all manner of naughty burgers and thick, creamy milkshakes to die for – which will probably make you feel less like you’re dying.

A booze-free hair of the dog

Tasty, etherial morsels of Japanese food are my preferred lunch choices admittedly, but there are some lunchtimes in Ibiza when I’ve partied a bit too hard the night before and all I can fantasise about eating is a big sloppy burger oozing with cheese, pickles and sauces.

My kind of hangover cure..

THE BUTCHER satisfies such cravings perfectly, offering burgers made with the finest beef and high quality ingredients. The restaurant even offers the aptly named Who let the Dogs Out – a 100% beef hotdog smothered in ketchup and mustard. Also on offer is a burger with a vegan chickpea patty and a hefty bunless burger for the growing influx of keto enthusiasts.

Hot dog genius..

Not a fan of red meat? No worries, for The Codfather caters to pescatarians searching for traditional British-style fish and chips on the island that never sleeps.

Missing your chippy whilst in Ibiza? Sorted!

A burger traditionalist at heart, I opted for THE BUTCHER with Cheese – a marvellous mergence of 100% Aberdeen Angus Beef, melted Edam cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and The Butcher’s tangy special sauce.

My burger-loving partner in crime hoovered up the humorously- named The Ugly with Chicken, which was a soft tortilla wrap stuffed with grilled chicken breast, jalapeños, avocado, sour cream and BBQ sauce.

We savoured these carnivorous creations alongside portions of sweet potato fries, raw salads and a gigantic banana peanut butter milkshake – thick and filling enough to be classed as a meal in itself.

If you’re seeking quality comfort food by the sea, the day after a wild night of closing party mayhem, THE BUTCHER is for you. Just be prepared to drift into a happy food coma shortly after your visit.



Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief