Why Eleiko is at the forefront in the rise of at-home gyms

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 hit the fitness industry hard as many gyms were forced to close to stem the spread of the disease. Gyms have continued to struggle into 2021, with most around the country only able to reopen their doors recently. As a result, fitness fans have had to find new ways to keep in shape in the comfort of their own home. Between March and July 2020, sales of weights in the United Kingdom grew by almost 2,000%, with sales of weights benches increasing by more than 4,000%.

Eleiko, the market leader in strength and conditioning equipment, is one of the few businesses to have largely benefited from the pandemic, having seen their own sales for home gym equipment soar between March 2020 and March 2021, compared to the same period the year before.

As a predominantly business-to business-company, Eleiko pivoted its sales model to serve the increased demand of people choosing to invest in high-end equipment and their own home gyms.

Six decades of innovation

So what makes Eleiko stand out from competitors? Firstly they have 60 years of expertise in their field. They started out in 1957 with the aim of creating the world’s best barbell. Now they have six decades of innovation under their belt and thousands of athlete world records, thanks to their products.

Eleiko’s aim today is working to make people stronger, so they can perform better – in sports and life. It’s this sort of determination and focus that has allowed Eleiko to remain a worldwide leader in international weightlifting, powerlifting, and strength and conditioning communities. Eleiko is uniquely certified by the IWF, IPF and Para-Powerlifting federations, meaning their products have been delivered to more than 180 countries and are often seen at the world’s largest championships and in the most respected strength training facilities.

Based in Sweden, Eleiko is well known for its equipment quality. It’s chosen by those with an appreciation for a high standard of care and those seeking a well-designed, premium solution that will last a lifetime. A family-owned and operated company, Eleiko source and select only the best materials and components to produce products of the finest quality. Precision engineering, along with Swedish materials and manufacturing with tight tolerances, guarantee unparalleled product durability and longevity.

Data driven

The data out there currently suggests that there will be a steady increase in home gyms, which will either become the sole place for training or supplement existing gym memberships with new working arrangements. I – like many others in the UK – have recently turned to Eleiko to kit out my own home gym. Here’s a breakdown of what I ordered and why:

  • Eleiko Vulcano Dumbbells – They provide a convenient way to quickly add resistance and load a wide variety of exercises. There’s a gently sloped comfortable handle, which is knurled to provide a secure grip. The dumbbells are extremely durable, constructed from a sturdy polyurethane that is twice as strong as rubber and odour free. The smart moulding manufacturing process prevents cracks and breaks and coupled with the quality polyurethane minimize signs of wear and tear.
  • Eleiko Kettlebell Sets – There are two sets of popular weight ranges in the Eleiko Training Kettlebells. They are durable, well-balanced high-grade cast iron kettlebells with a wide flat base for stability. The size and diameter vary depending on the weight and kettlebells are calibrated for accuracy. The kettlebells are double moulded with a consistent texture across the entire surface that holds chalk well and ensures a good grip. A surface treatment maximizes durability and ensures kettlebells stand up to the demands of hard training.
  • Eleiko XF 80 Flat Bench – An essential in the Eleiko’s XF product range, the durable XF 80 bench is built from a sturdy black matte lacquered steel that is lightweight enough to easily move around your functional training space, yet sturdy in use. The updated design features rubber end caps and feet to protect gym floors along with a durable cushion that is both comfortable and supportive while lifting. The bench provides a solid foundation beneath the athlete regardless of their size or exercise performed.

Community and resilience

Dale Beech, Managing Director of Eleiko UK said, “The past 12 months has been challenging for many, the fitness industry included, however, it’s brought a tremendous sense of community and resilience which has been wonderful to see.

The next big trend in the home fitness market is people making a conscious effort to create designated workout spaces within their homes rather than just using their lounge or kitchen. We are seeing this first-hand when we track our customer behaviour on repeat ordering and listen to their plans.

The key to maintaining consistency around training at home is to create a better space that caters to people’s individual requirements and tastes. We are already seeing housing developers building homes with ‘gym/studio’ on the plans.”

I cancelled my gym membership during lockdown and moved into a new house in January, with the idea of converting my garage into my own workout space. Now it’s kitted out with Eleiko’s professional and reliable equipment, I see no need to renew my gym membership anywhere soon.