Design your own diamonds

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend, but for many of us, jewellery is a personal portrayal of who we are and a unique expression of our individuality.

When deciding to splash out on an expensive pair of earrings, we have to make sure they bring us a ludicrous amount of joy – and what better way to guarantee this than by practically designing them ourselves?

Ilana Brandwain, the female founder of Noble Fine Jewellery understands how important diamonds can be to a woman and so provides a bespoke service to her clients, ensuring they are 100% involved in the creative process behind her exquisite pieces.

Born in Belgium to Ukrainian immigrants, at the age of 14 Ilana went to boarding school in the UK before going on to study Russian, French Literature and finally – acupuncture. She speaks 7 languages which helps her communicate with her vast portfolio of international clients.

Noble Fine Jewellery was created when Ilana married her husband – a third generation diamond dealer hailing from a family supplying the biggest jewellery brands in the industry. Gradually, Ilana’s friends kept asking her for discounted diamonds (naturally).  They would visit Antwerp and Ilana would show them around the diamond centre, giving them the first hand experience of buying diamonds at the heart of the trade.

Her company is one of the very few private jewellery design services that actually invites its customers to visit the mines in Sierra Leone, to witness the ethical process of mining for diamonds. They can then discuss exactly how they envisage their piece of jewellery, ensuring Ilana has a perfect idea of the end result.

A series of drawings of the designed jewellery are then completed by Ilana for the client to review and make changes if necessary.

Anyone wanting to modernise an ancient family heirloom can do so with the help of Ilana’s professional expertise – perfect for revamping old fashioned jewellery with great sentimental value.

The diamonds used in Ilana’s creations are not only ethically sourced, they are significantly cheaper than other jewellery brands due to her diamond mine-owning family connections. She can directly purchase them from the source with no middlemen to bump up the costs.

Sierra Leone is one of the main producers of colourless diamonds, yet in the Zimmi area, the world’s rarest and most mesmerising yellow and orange diamonds are found – ideal for creating a uniquely flamboyant necklace or engagement ring with a twist.

I visited Ilana in search of the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings and was ecstatic with the results. After describing to her exactly what I desired during our friendly meeting, my dream ear adornments arrived in the post two weeks later and were worn with glee immediately after opening the elegant packaging.

With so many generic, ‘samey’ engagement rings, earrings and necklaces on the high street today, we crave more than ever to be unique.

When we fall in love and want to propose to our partner, we yearn for the perfect ring to emanate the exact style of our loved one. When we decide to invest in a timeless piece of jewellery, we want it to express who we are. We want it to tell a story – and Noble Fine Jewellery enables us to do exactly that.


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Mitra Wicks

Editor in Chief