An Italian Crown in Kensington’s Heart

High Street Kensington is home to a brand new Italian restaurant and it’s unlike others we’ve been to. Since opening its doors to the public on 2nd January, Enoteca Rosso has been attracted more and more visitors – and it’s largely thanks to the word of mouth spread by the their impressed locals.

The concept was born in a wine cellar, which was the foundation for the passion that’s seeped into Rosso’s food and wine. That passion is all about truly introducing the Italian way of sharing meals – interacting with family and friends over good food and drink.

We started with the ‘Best of the Best Cured Meats’ – thinly sliced Tuscan lardo, prosciutto ham, mortadella with truffles and truffle salami. Paired with a refreshingly crisp Sauvignon it’s the perfect way (the only way, in my opinion) to set yourself up nicely for the mains.

The difference here is the options of dish sizes: you can get a small dish for taste, a medium size for one, or a large dish to share. We chose a small saffron and lamb tagliatelle, which was delightful. The meat tasted fresh and its flavour was wonderfully enhanced by the ragout. We also had a small black ravioli dish, which was excellent also. Charcoal (which is all the rage now) ravioli with dried tomatoes in a basil pesto sauce is simple, yet all that’s needed for such bold flavours.

The rib eye steak is not to be missed. Again, the meat tastes fresh – a consistent theme throughout the menu. This lends to a juicier flavour and a more succulent texture. Try the wild boar stew as well. The meat is so tender and comes served on a bed of polenta, which does a fantastic job of soaking up the juices.

Make a reservation because they’re filling up fast – even on a Tuesday night! A strong sign if any were needed.

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