Haizhen Wang in Transit

Haizhen Wang is a London-based designer of Chinese descent, known for his avant-garde, modernist approach to elegance. Having graduated from Central Saint Martin´s in 2005, his origin has helped him to establish his brand globally in both Europe and Asia.

With his artisanal approach to the design process and inspired by architecture, the result is a unique masculine femininity with classical tailoring and bold designs.

In Transit, his Autumn/Winter 2017/18 collection, is his response to the growing immigration crisis around the world. The practically constructed trousers with multiple oversized patch pockets and padded jackets for extra comfort are pulled together with extra long belts – a creative nod to the seat belts on planes. Embroidered and Swarovski-encrusted slogan badges reading “fragile”, “handle with care”  and “priority” feature on the clothing items, connoting strong themes of travel and transportation.

The idea of transit was even further explored within the presentation, where lithe models moved around plastic-wrapped cardboard boxes as if they were casually mincing about a massive warehouse.

All in all, the show was adored by all who attended, hailed as a truly inimitable expression of style and sartorial exploration.