LV handbags to Tom Ford perfume: OOOOO’s Live Shopping Duchess Flo Riff

Flo Riff is a 25-year old celebrity make up artist and musician who has developed a big following on TikTok. With the emergence of UK’s number 1 fashion and beauty shopping app OOOOO, Flo Riff is now making serious money by giving live reviews about the fashion and beauty products she loves.

The OOOOO App is the brainchild of partners Sam Jones (ex-Wish), and Eric Zhang (ex-TikTok) and was recently launched OOOOO as a social commerce platform. Similar live shopping platforms in China make up the bulk of e-commerce sales and is a multi-billion dollar industry. A similar platform called Kuaishou was valued at $160 Billion and one of their key investors is now Head of Strategy at OOOOO, whose main headquarters are based in Oxford, England. Will OOOOO be the next billion-dollar app?

Flo Riff

In addition to the different shopping channels where OOOOO’s 160,0000+ users can buy anything from fragrance on Perfume TV to lipstick on Cosmetics TV, there is an entertainment side where you can watch buskers perform music on Busking TV or even watch authors read pages from their novels on Book TV.

There is a “Hot or Not” feature where interactive viewers can rate which products they like best and there is a new “Tipping Feature” where one can give tips to the performers they love watching.

We delve into the life of being an OOOOO live hostess with Flo Riff. Stunning, smart, and a hustler: we consider Flo the new Duchess of E-Commerce.

What’s your Profession? 

Influencer, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Live Show Host and Recording Artist

Why are you an influencer? 

I love being my own boss. I’ve always been a hustler and entrepreneur. My creative flair is something I can’t dim so becoming an influencer was something I had to do so that I could channel my creativity. I love doing my own photo shoots, videos and edits and the fact I get paid from it now is crazy to me.

Where are you from?

Born in Birmingham went to school in South London – Wandsworth – My dad is half Egyptian and my mum half New Zealand

Where do you live?

I live everywhere. Current base is West London but can’t tell you where because I have a lot of stalkers

What’s your story? 

How you became a content creator – OOOOO originally reached out to me to become a creator due to my growing TikTok following. My friend worked for the company and mentioned they needed help packing boxes in the office, I was going insane at home and am the type of person to never say no to anything as you never know where it may lead you, and that was that!

I then became a Community Manager at OOOOO and then when they started bringing Live Shows to the company, I was their first ever host and it all went crazy from there.

I then did daily live show 7 days a week. I worked every week with no days off. It was a challenge but I could really see how big OOOOO was going to be.

Flo slayying at werk

Why did you join OOOOO?

They needed their first Live Show host which was me. I was OOOOO’s Guinea pig. I loved their concept and couldn’t say no.

What do you like about this app and how is it different from other apps?

I love it because it’s like no other. It’s a game changer. Hands down no app like OOOOO. I love the fact you’re bringing great deals that are below retail price at your fingertips. It’s genius! I also love that you can communicate with an audience all around the country and really build a fanbase that trusts and values your opinion. Let me try the product so you don’t have to!  I do makeup tutorials on my Live Shows and talk about the basics of makeup too. One viewer DM’d me on Instagram and told me she’s learning to do her own wedding makeup from my live tutorials on OOOOO! Another told me watching my Live Shows has made her fall in love with her own skin again! To be able to touch so many people and bring light to them in such a difficult time is an incredible feeling.

What’s your main source of income?

Influencing and OOOOO. It used to be being a Celebrity Makeup Artist but times are very tough right now that’s why I’m grateful to be able to perform live shows for OOOOO. It’s also been keeping me from going insane although I’m rather addicted to the app myself!

What’s your Insta handle and name on OOOOO?

Its @floriffofficial on all socials and itsfloriffbaby on OOOOO.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

It’s been really hard as I’ve had minimal work through makeup when I’m normally so busy. Press shoots and video shoots are a no go at the moment but I’m just loving being a part of OOOOO. These viewers who join my live show are like family to me. The OG viewers in my Live Shows, I call the Riff Raff Gang! They have been with me from when OOOOO first started and I was the only host in the app. I appreciate their support with me and OOOOO is now part of my daily routine.

What’s the biggest total amount retail value you sold on a 1 hour show:

£13,000 selling makeup and fragrance.

Download the OOOOO app here:

OOOOO website:

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief