The best wellness products for immune system support

At 7 Star Life, we love mincing about at various swanky restaurants and sipping on the finest Champagne at our favourite members clubs, but there comes a time in life (usually at the etherial beginning of the year) that our bodies crave all things healing and wholesome.

The truth is, we are what we eat and our bodies are vessels that carry us though life and so need to be nourished and protected. That way we can give ourselves a much needed helping hand to a longer, more healthier and energetic life

Here are our 5 fave wellness essentials to help keep your body and mind in top top condition.

Gut Works by Dr Vegan

“All disease begins in the gut,” said ancient Green Physician Socrates over 2500 years ago and he was right.  Having a healthy gut means a good immune system which is even more vital in this day an age as we try to help prime our bodies to prevent and fight off viruses quickly.

By feeding our guts with good bacteria in the form of quality probiotics helps achieve this aim as well as being beneficial with both digestive and mental health – perfect during this gloomy time of year.

Gut Works by DR VEGAN is one of our all time favourite probiotic brands. An advanced formula of clinically studied live and gut-friendly bacteria, these one a day capsules  provides daily support for your gut and even helps relive IBS symptoms. Combining 6 optimal biotic strains providing 50 billion CFU, including Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus, Inulin and Psyllium, Gut Works is a true wellness must have this year. We’ve also seen great results with their Detox and Debloat supplement which helps ease bloating by improving digestion and purifying the liver – perfect after such a recent boozy festive period.


The Turmeric Co’s Raw Turmeric Vitamin C and D3 Shot Box

Another powerful immunity booster is good old fashioned turmeric. Taken for hundreds of thousands of years for medicinal purposes in Far Eastern, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures, Turmeric has started getting the attention of health-enthusiasts in the know in Western shores.

This wonder root is rich in free radical-busting anti oxidants, vitamin C, manganese and iron and boasts a plethora of health benefits including, pain relief, anti inflammatory properties, improving liver function, boosting the immune system, possibly reducing cancer risk and aiding digestion.

The Turmeric Co’s Raw Turmeric Vitamin C & D3 shot is a powerfully potent formula made with 100% organic and vegan-friendly ingredients in an easy to drink mini shot bottle. We love the monthly subscription box that provides you with a tangy shot a day which contains raw juiced turmeric, immune system-boosting ginger as well as potent doses of Vitamin C (1,000mg) and Vitamin D3 (3,000iu) – recommended vitamins to take to help prevent and ease the duration of many respiratory viruses.


Naturya Keto Porridge

This oat-free superfood-boosted alternative to porridge is cleverly made with ground chia, coconut flour, flax, hemp seeds and real fruit powders for a low carb and high fibre breakfast treat to set you up for the cold day ahead.

A great source of iron, magnesium and calcium, these tasty porridge blends can be made with your favourite hot milk for a nourishing meal that helps boost your immunity, increase energy levels and fight fatigue.

They come in four delicious flavours – Banana and Coconut, Chocolate, Mixed Berry and a warming Apple and Cinnamon. But don’t stop at porridge making, these handy nutritious blends can also be blended into your favourite smoothies, yoghurts and even tasty baked goods.

Completely sugar and gluten free, they are sweetened with natural keto friendly sweeteners – erythritol and stevia so anyone concerned with their sugar intake can indulge with their mind at ease.

Comvita Immune support Olive Leaf Extract Capsules

We’ve heard about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for years and many blue zones where people live a long healthy life are situated in this sunny region. So what is their anti ageing secret? Could it be the copious amounts of olives eaten, including the leaves?

Comvita’s Olive Leaf Extract Capsules is an easy, convenient way to help deliver the goodness of olive leaf – known to have a number of health properties including immune system support, heart health, anti cancer properties and more.

These one-a-day capsule is produced in Queensland Australia and are rich in beneficial active polyphenols – oleuropein and hydroxytrosol which are in part responsible for the beneficial effects of the nutrient and antioxidant dense Mediterranean diet.

Zinc and copper have also been added to this expert formulation for added immune support, perfect for these virus-laden times.



Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief