Where there’s smoke there’s fire

That’s what they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire and Pop Brixton is lit at the moment thanks to Smoke & Salt. I was excited to be visiting this place since it’s on everyone’s lips and now I can understand the hype. The food is exceptional. The cocktails are exceptional. The staff are exceptional.

All of the recommendations made by our waiters / waitresses were spot on, things you may not normally consider on the menu. Like the Hispi Cabbage with pickled peanut and smoked tofu. Surprisingly amazing.

The best recommendation when it came to the drinks was the Boston Sour made with sorrel. It looks and feels like you’re drinking a superfood smoothie. In the words of our waitress, “dangerous”. I’d use sublime as the single adjective to describe it.

Standout highlights on the menu is the merguez tartare with flatbread (made onsite) and harissa, the chicken leg with truffle ponzu and daikon slaw (my personal favourite), and the pork belly with broccoli and pumpkin seeds, which has a wonderful unconventional flavour.

Located upstairs among the shipping containers and stalls that make up Pop Brixton, it feels worthy of its placement because Smoke & Salt has raised the bar. If I was a betting man I’d say it’s only a matter of time before this place gets its own permanent residence.

For more information visit smokesandsalt.com