London Fashion Week: Fashion for Conservation and René Garza x Kalikas Armour

Walking into Freemason’s Hall for the Fashion for Conservation x René Garza x Kalikas Armour AW18 fashion show was certainly something unexpected. Aside from the usual paparazzi, sunglasses and celebrity appearances, the audience was elevated into another world. Lighting replicating a sultry Amazonian Sunset, background noise of water droplets, insects and creatures of the forest, a cool breeze drafting through the hall. The murmur of bodies shuffling into their seats and the chatter of people discussing previous shows.

The show itself followed the story of the Amazon Rainforest, the world’s largest biodiversity hotspot. Fashion for Conservation’s three founders Nazanine Afshar, Samantha Zwicker and Ava J. Holmes are dedicated to conserving the earth’s rainforests, or more over what is left of them.


The lights dimmed, the sounds of the rainforest lowered, a voiceover imitating Mother Nature herself played and entered Kalikas Armour’s ‘Majestic Mystics.’ – a line apt for the women who enjoy ravishing style. Armour’s intertwinement of the rainforest into his elegant gowns and suits is subtle yet bold. In the midst of the gold and black sequined and shoulder-padded pieces, were the statement headpieces; emulating intricate peacock bodies and feathers.

Next to walk out were Fashion for Conservation x René Garza’s ‘Impermanent Floras.’ The line consisted of bolt textiles and upcycled clothing. Lime greens, burnt oranges, neutral tones and magentas were draped and smothered over bodies with braided hair and gold painted faces. Some designs featured maze inspired detail on the clothing whilst others featured large tulle collars. Intense trance beats accompanied the finale before the designers rushed out to a huge round of applause and many congratulations for their work and the beautiful meaning behind it.