BEARFACE® BASH – Canadian Blended Whisky Launches in the UK

On a crisp evening in March, I found myself in the heart of London, attending the much-anticipated launch of BEARFACE® Triple Oak Whisky. This Canadian gem has been making waves in the whisky world, and I was eager to experience its bold flavours first-hand. The event, held at The Greenhouses Marylebone Road, promised not only a taste of the whisky itself but also an array of cocktails crafted to showcase its versatility. As the night unfolded, I discovered that BEARFACE® Triple Oak Whisky, the new kid on the already overly saturated block, is not to be overlooked.

The cocktail menu for the evening featured four signature serves: The Bearface Buck, The Old Fearless, Bear Country Sour, and The Wild Manhattan. The first cocktail I tried was The Bearface Buck, a refreshing mix of BEARFACE® Whisky and ginger beer, finished with a cinnamon stick and lime. The ginger beer’s spice complemented the whisky’s smooth flavours perfectly.

Next was The Old Fearless, a Canadian twist on the Old Fashioned. This cocktail featured BEARFACE® Whisky mixed with charred cedar bitters and maple syrup. The smoky depth from the bitters and the sweetness of the maple syrup blended seamlessly with the whisky, making it a standout.

The Bear Country Sour followed, a twist on the New York Sour with BEARFACE® Whisky, sour mix, fresh lemon juice, and sugar syrup. The tart lemon balanced the whisky’s richness, creating a refreshing and complex drink. By this point, I was feeling well and truly sloshed.

Finally, I tried The Wild Manhattan. BEARFACE® Whisky, bitters, and sweet vermouth came together beautifully, garnished with a maraschino cherry. The cocktail was a interesting blend of sweet and bitter, with the whisky’s robust flavours shining through.

“I saw that there were so many regulations around whisky, and Canada had this open space for innovation,” explains master distiller Andres Faustinelli. The 100% corn grain Canadian whisky is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for at least seven years, absorbing sweet vanilla flavors. It is then transferred to French oak red wine casks for three to six months, where it picks up notes of tart fruits. Next, the whisky is divided into three types of air-dried virgin Hungarian oak barrels, each toasted to varying levels to impart oak tannins, spices, and a hint of barbecue flavour. The innovation? The whisky is aged in shipping containers in the Canadian wilderness. This ‘Elemental Ageing’ process leverages the region’s wild temperature swings — up to 40 degrees in a single day — to intensify the interaction between the whisky and the wood

The venue itself was nothing short of amazing. The Greenhouses, with its lush, vibrant décor and intimate setting, provided a perfect backdrop for the evening. The room was adorned with an overwhelming array autumnal Canadian foliage, creating a rustic yet warm and inviting atmosphere (although the copious amounts of blended whisky and overhead heating lamps I’m sure did their part). This only served to enhance our understanding of the whisky, as we delved into the various blends and explored the unique processes behind BEARFACE®.

Reflecting on the night, I was struck by how BEARFACE® Triple Oak Whisky managed to deliver such a rich and complex taste despite being a blended whisky. Its innovative Elemental Ageing™ process and careful selection of oak casks have truly created something extraordinary. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in one of the expertly crafted cocktails, BEARFACE® Triple Oak Whisky offers a surprising richness even compared to its aged scotch counterparts.

If you’re looking for a whisky that breaks boundaries and is blended to perfection, BEARFACE® without doubt deserves a space in your collection as a no nonsense go to drinking whisky. Cheers to a wild and unforgettable night in London!

BEARFACE Whisky’s Triple Oak is available in 620 selected Tesco stores, RRP £36

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