Moving to the Essex countryside? What you should know

The only way is Essex? Maybe not but it certainly is a favoured place to settle for professionals and families looking to escape the bustle of London, but still retain some connection to the capital. With a huge population and the longest stretch of coastline of any county, there are worse places to put down roots.

While most might move to Essex on account of its proximity to London, and hence its excellent position as a “commuter county”, there is a great deal more to love about this slice of coastal country than its location with respect to our capital. If you’re due to move in to England’s back garden, you might be after a bit of primer on exactly what it is that Essex has to offer. If that’s the case, then look no further.

Lifestyle and Community

Essex is a large county with a lot within its bounds, so it wouldn’t be wholly accurate to sum the entirety of Essex up in a single paragraph. However, there are some generalities which speak to the lifestyle and culture of the place – beyond that which you might have seen on a certain TV show, too.

Essex does indeed have its fair share of urban excitement, with seemingly sleepy cities like Chelmsford and Colchester hiding phenomenal nightlife opportunities. But with London on your relative doorstep, there are better things to seek out in Essex – like the community-forward focus of its rural towns and villages, and the great sense of local identity surrounding the county’s historic sites.


Essex’s commuter-county viability has already been touched on, but there are more practical elements to living in Essex than its transport links and urban proximities. For instance, there’s a home and style of living for practically every household, from quaint rural cottages to robust new build homes in new neighbourhoods and beyond. While transport from the major towns and cities is a cinch, Essex is very much a driver’s county; if you haven’t already, you might want to invest in a cruise-friendly vehicle to make getting around that little bit easier.

The Great Outdoors

Arguably, though, Essex’s biggest draw is its immaculate and ever-reaching countryside. There are a great many stunning places to get lost in, from the majesty of Epping Forest to the quiet beauty of Dedham Vale. These places are beautiful just to exist within, but also great hosts for outdoor and adventure sports (to say nothing of Essex’s water-sporting pedigree). In amongst these incredible places are areas of great historical interest, too, to pique the interest of any amateur historians amongst you.

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief