The food and drink gift guide to Father’s Day 2024

Indulge your father’s refined palate this Father’s Day with our meticulously curated luxury food and drink gift guide, tailored for those seeking to elevate the celebration to new heights. From velvety single malt whiskies to artisanal sauces infused with exotic flavours, we’ve scoured the culinary landscape to present an exquisite selection that embodies sophistication and taste. Treat him to the rich, complex notes of a rare vintage wine or the smooth allure of a premium craft beer. Whether he savours the elegance of fine wines or delights in the opulence of gourmet delicacies, our guide offers an array of opulent options guaranteed to impress even the most discerning connoisseur. Celebrate fatherhood with a touch of luxury, because he deserves nothing less than the finest culinary delights this special day.

For the non-drinker

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei

If your dad’s quite sporty but also enjoys his beer, then consider ERDINGER Alkoholfrei. Thousands of professional and amateur athletes reach for a drink of ERDINGER Alkoholfrei, the sporty thirst quencher, after they complete their competition or training programme. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei’s isotonic properties help to replace lost fluids quickly and it also contains valuable nutrients including the essential vitamins folic acid (B9) and B12, which help reduce tiredness and contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Originally launched in Germany, ‘Your Ritual After Sport’ has struck a chord with professional athletes and enthusiastic leisure sports participants alike. It profiles the many rituals people have before taking part in sport and celebrates post exercise relaxation.

Voss Infusion Range

Embrace a healthier and more flavourful lifestyle as Voss UK reintroduces its Infusion Range. Renowned for its dedication to premium hydration, Voss proudly presents the only natural fruit-infused sparkling water elegantly encased in a sleek glass bottle.  The Voss Infusion range features three invigorating citrus-based flavours: Lemon Cucumber; Lime Mint; and Tangerine Lemongrass. Available in Harrods Food Hall, Selfridges Food Hall, Ocado, and Amazon, Voss has strongly positioned itself as a sparkling alternative with zero calories and no added sugars. It even has the power to transform cocktails into unforgettable sips by using the exquisite flavours of the Voss Infusion Range as mixers. Perfect for homemade concoctions with dad and the family this summer.

For the wine drinker  

Clarendelle Bordeaux 

2016 was a year of paradoxes that accounts for this beautiful vintage. The wet winter and spring gave way to a long period of drought which lasted all summer. An Indian summer arrived after a brief rainy period in mid-September that was highly desirable at the end of ripening. The resulting wines are very fruity, with aromas of red fruit and blackcurrant alongside floral overtones reminiscent of violet. They combine the tannic power of great vintages with a deliciously velvety texture that’s rare and smooth, powerfully generous on the palate. Their relatively high level of acidity gives them an admirable freshness and tremendous balance, without any hardness. It’s no wonder the Clarendelle Bordeaux red wine was served at this year’s Oscars ceremony!

For the whisky drinker 

Agitator Single Malt Whisky

Swedish whisky brand, Agitator has just launched in the UK on Amazon so if your dad’s whisky connoisseur then he’ll love this. On the nose, there’s a lovely light fruit, dominated by citrus, red apple and pineapple, together with dried fruit, coming from the sherry and chestnut casks. On the palate, there’s a certain saltiness, with a peaty note, a result of a decision on how smoked the grain should be. This is well matched by a fruity note with apple and citrus. In the finish, there’s a note of sweet vanilla toffee, mostly from the Bourbon and American oak casks, and it lingers pleasantly for a long time. The product is a blend of whiskies matured on bourbon casks, new American oak casks, sherry casks, and chestnut casks. 


With the arrival of warmer, sunnier weather and the days getting longer, it’s the perfect time of year for al fresco cocktails. BEARFACE Whisky is on a mission to help cocktail lovers across the UK celebrate the warmer weather in style with its award-winning Triple Oak blend – the perfect whisky for open-air entertaining. What better way to embrace the outdoors than by enjoying a wild-made whisky that has developed its flavour in the untamed Canadian wilderness? Enjoy a refreshing BEARFACE Buck, featuring a kick of ginger beer or choose the Old Fearless, a wild spin on the timeless Old Fashioned. These are the perfect al fresco tipples to officially ditch the winter blues and put a proper spring in your step. Or, if dad’s just a classic straight whisky drinker, he’ll love his gift of the bottled liquid gold.

For the beer drinker 

Timothy Taylor’s Hopical Storm

Timothy Taylor’s Hopical Storm is a 4% triple-hopped sessionable pale ale topped with flavours of mandarin, mango and passion fruit that unleashes a tropical cyclone of refreshment. A genuine trailblazer, Hopical Storm was originally launched as a cask ale, became Timothy Taylor’s first keg beer in 2020 and is now available as the first-ever canned beer from the Keighley brewer. Hopical Storm is brewed using five UK-grown hops in three stages of hopping – Cascade and Whitbread Goldings in the copper, Cascade and Chinook at the hop back stage, then dry-hopped with Jester and Ernest. Combined with Timothy Taylor’s natural Knowle Spring water, fine barley malts and the unique Taylor’s Taste yeast, the result is this perfect tropical storm of flavour and aroma. Notable for its pale golden appearance and clarity, it’s presented in 440ml aluminium cans with distinctive orange branding that characterises the burst of fruit aroma and flavours, and a cut-out silver lightning flash which symbolises Hopical Storm’s ability to strike thirst. This sessionable craft beer is a must this summer for dad’s who enjoy fruity, tropical flavours in the sunshine.

Innis & Gunn Islay Whisky Cask 2024

Innis & Gunn of Edinburgh has launched the 2024 iteration of its legendary Innis & Gunn Islay Whisky Cask Beer, made in collaboration with Laphroaig. Islay Whisky Cask, first released by Innis & Gunn in 2021, has a Scottish red ale as its base. This has been matured solely in Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky 10YO casks to allow drinkers to experience the purity and individuality of just one type of cask, thereby delivering Laphroaig’s unmistakable hallmark notes from their most famed whisky. Islay Whisky Cask 2024 shows the rounded mellowness of Innis & Gunn topped by the hallmark Laphroaig aromas of smoke, chocolate and oak, with hints of marzipan and red fruit. Islay Whisky Cask uses Styrian Goldings hops with ale malt, chocolate malt and roasted barley. This limited-edition beer is offered in a special gift carton commissioned this year from Glasgow-born contemporary artist, Peter King, who was inspired to paint his interpretation of Islay. If your dad’s more of rum fan then consider gifting him the Innis & Gunn Caribbean Rum Cask, which combines the best of Scotland and the Caribbean in an explosion of cool, spicy rum notes, vanilla and rich fruit. 

For the champagne drinker

Champagne PIAFF

This French champagne house has a healthy respect for tradition and an energetic outlook on life, producing champagne that balances intricacy and finesse with vibrant and fresh flavours making it a good option to toast to your dad on Father’s Day. The name PIAFF originates from the French word Piaffe. A Piaffe was a move originally used in battle to keep horses warm on the spot, helping them remain focused on what’s ahead and ready to move forward. Now, it’s better known as a Grand Prix, cadenced dressage move, where a horse playfully and rhythmically moves opposite hooves in perfect synchronisation. Each bottle can also become the perfect gift through PIAFF’s special bottle engraving feature – a must this Father’s Day.

For the foodie 

The Woolf’s Kitchen

Half-Thai chef Dominique Woolf is the founder of The Woolf’s Kitchen, which offers a range of award-winning ‘textural’ chilli oils, and ‘swicy’ hot sauces and pastes inspired by her Thai auntie Dang. This includes Dang’s legendary Tamarind Ketchup, which is superb in a cheese toastie! The zingy Jalapeño + Lime sauce, meanwhile, packs a lovely sweet kick that’s amazingly diverse pairing well with anything from tacos to prawns or falafel. The winning product though is the Chilli Crunch, which is outstanding. Advise your dad to add a dollop to his scrambled eggs or with his smashed avocado and witness him savour the elevated flavours with every forkful.

For the gastronomic city break in London

Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge

If dad’s being really spoiled this year with a culinary adventure in the capital and needs a place to stay, then we recommend Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge. This luxe hotel’s central location is close to some of London’s most iconic landmarks as well as the city’s best restaurants. Expect friendly staff to make dad’s stay extra special, with an unbeatable continental breakfast buffet served in Leo’s on the Ground Floor. He can elevate his stay with Room Service and if the whole family’s staying with him, large bedrooms are available for booking which is ideal for everyone. Plus, the Rena spa & leisure facilities available will also help dad relax and unwind properly during his stay.