Luxurious items to personalise your living room

Luxury isn’t something that many of us feel we can rightfully experience at the moment, with rising costs all round wicking away even the basic luxuries of modern life. But at home, we deserve to feel like royalty. This is why having a luxurious, personalised living space is especially important – and why you should consider the below suggestions to create an opulent space you deserve.

Music, Food of Life

Starting with the ‘personality’ side of the equation is crucial, or else you can inadvertently find yourself losing your sense of identity as you decorate. As a music lover, you will undoubtedly want to see your passion represented well in your lounging space – for which reason you’ll be perusing turntables and record players to find the right model for your design.

Older, regency-era designs might demand hidden media players, while mid-century spaces almost demand you show your working. Whatever your choice of décor, there will be a record player to match, and an opportunity for you to flaunt your collection.

Art, Food of Soul

Similarly, you may wish to display your taste in art alongside your taste in interior décor. Art can be timeless, and there is always a tasteful way to show a piece of yours against the backdrop of a well-curated space. The more art you put up, the more sophistication you inject into the space – and the greater the perceived cost spent, too.

Custom Fireplace

There isn’t anything that quite shouts luxury like a custom fireplace. Roaring fires call to mind ancient castles and bustling drawing rooms, also being the perfect excuse for you to build the stone or mahogany mantle of your dreams. A true statement fireplace will draw the eye, and the trinkets you place around it will frame the space for your guests. Consider polished brass fireside companions to accentuate the hearth, and to provide some chic practical utility when in use.

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

If you really want to up the luxury factor in your living room, you should turn your attention to fabrics – and how you style them. Your curtains are an excellent portal through which to achieve rich aesthetics, and especially so if you indulge in full floor-to-ceiling drapery. Big, bold curtains that extend from the top to bottom of your living room work to draw the eye up, creating an impressive illusion of additional height to the space and an opulent flair to the window-side of your room.

Rich Fabrics

The effect of your over-sized curtains is doubled if you double down on rich fabrics – as you should do here, and all throughout the space you have created for yourself. Velvet and velour are excellent choices for drapes, and particularly so if they are deep reds, blues or mustard colours; these colours catch the light beautifully.

Elsewhere, materials should be contrasted to create a sense of fabric maximalism, illustrating your taste and also creating the implicit sense of increased cost. Combine aged leather sofas with cashmere throws, and Afghan rugs with rattan table runners. Tactility is key!

Mitra Msaad

Editor in Chief